A Dublin menopause specialist says society's "terrible attitude" towards ageing makes it hard for women to talk about menopause.

Dr Caoimhe Hartley recently opened the Menopause Health clinic in Dalkey, Co Dublin.

She said: "Women's health and menopause is an area that has been swept under the carpet and dismissed.

"Some of that is to do with our terrible attitude, socially, towards ageing and how we have a youth obsessed culture and so women don't like to talk about going through the menopause because they feel like they will be treated differently."

Dr Hartley highlights that menopause is something every woman will go through and it is usually at the busiest time in a woman's life.

She said: "Women are great with getting on with it and so when we have symptoms and problems we tend to be quite busy.

"The years that we are going through menopause are often very active, busy years of our lives.

"We're caring for elderly parents, perhaps we have young children going through exams.

"We're often reaching the pinnacle of our career and working through that. Juggling all those things is distracting and we don't pay enough attention to ourselves".

Dr Hartley says it is important that women know the implications menopause has on a woman's health and also where to go to get help and advice.

She said: "It's really important to have a discussion about this and to chat to your GP or healthcare provider."

In our video 'Menopause Explained' Dr Hartley talks menopause, hormonal patterns and gives tips and advice on how to cope during menopause.

'Menopause Explained' is the second report in a three-part series on the menopause for RTÉ News online and social media platforms. In our first report, 'Menopause and Me', women from around Ireland told us their deeply personal stories about menopause. Watch it here.