In a little over a fortnight, the menopause has gone from being a subject surrounded by silence and stigma, to being the focus of a startlingly honest and unflinching conversation across the media.

On Liveline, on social media, on podcasts, in documentaries and in newspapers, women have been sharing stories of everything the menopause has thrown at them - mood swings, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, pain, depression and brain fog, to name but a few.

They have spoken of its impact on jobs and relationships, as well as the lack of understanding and misinformation that still exists around 'the change'.

The discussion has prompted calls for a national awareness and education campaign, with one Facebook support group declaring "the lid is off and it's not going back on now".

Now that the "lid" is lifted, five women from across Ireland have shared their stories with us on camera.

Today's report 'Menopause and Me' is the first in a three-part series on the menopause for RTÉ News online and social media platforms.