A court in Lebanon has dismissed an appeal brought by Mahmoud Bazzi against his conviction for the murders of two Irish soldiers, Privates Tom Barrett and Derek Smallhorne, who were abducted and murdered in April 1980.

The court ruled there were no grounds for the 76-year-old to appeal the conviction and 15-year sentence imposed by the Military Court in Beirut last December.

The families of Tom Barrett and Derek Smallhorne were informed by the Department of Defence earlier todya of the ruling, as was John O'Mahony, who survived the ambush and gave evidence against Mahmoud Bazzi during the trial.

The ruling brings to an end the legal process in Beirut and means that Mahmoud Bazzi will continue to serve his sentence in prison.

Bazzi was a member of an Israeli-backed militia known as the DFF when he attacked a United Nations convoy in April 1980 and murdered the two Irish soldiers.

He was tracked down by RTÉ Prime Time to the United States in 2000, and finally deported back to Lebanon in 2015, and has been in custody since that time.