The amount of money alleged to have been misappropriated by the former Chief Executive of the Bóthar charity, David Moloney, has increased by just over €300,000 in light of admissions from him, the High Court has been told.

Lawyers for the charity, said Mr Moloney, from Clino, Newport in Co Tipperary, had made "significant admissions" since allegations that he misappropriated donations to the charity were first revealed earlier this month.

Senior Counsel Frank Beatty said the amount of money alleged to have been misappropriated had now increased from €465,000 to almost €770,000.

He said investigations into the matter were ongoing.

Bóthar is looking for a number of orders from the court today, which lawyers for Mr Moloney will be consenting to, the court heard. These were "urgent in nature", Mr Beatty said.

Earlier this month, the charity, which helped farmers in developing nations through donations of livestock, was granted temporary injunctions freezing Mr Moloney's assets.

He had resigned as CEO in February.

Bóthar claimed Mr Moloney misappropriated hundreds of thousands of euro from donations to the charity for his own and his associates' personal use.

Mr Moloney had worked with Bóthar since 1995 and was its CEO for eight years.

The court has previously heard that Bóthar has decided to stop all its fundraising activities with immediate effect.