The Mater Hospital in Dublin has confirmed that all its board members were offered a Covid-19 vaccine, and said it believed this was in line with the Health Service Executive's vaccine roll-out guidelines. 

The hospital said that "some board members" accepted the offer. 

According to the hospital's website there are 13 members on the hospital's Leadership Team.

In a statement today, the hospital said that the board is an integral part of the functioning of the Mater Hospital and is made up of frontline medical staff and non-executive directors whose roles and duties are essential to the hospital.

The statement went on to say that "some board members are required to attend the Mater in person as important issues arise which require board oversight".

"The safety of our patients and staff is our number one priority", it said.

The Mater said that all staff and board members of the hospital were offered a Covid-19 jab as part of the vaccination programme and the hospital said it believed this was consistent with the intention to protect staff and patients under the HSE's vaccine rollout guidelines.

The hospital has administered 10,000 vaccines to date, it says.

In January two Dublin maternity hospitals confirmed they administered vaccines to non-staff members because they said there were doses that would have been discarded if not used on the day.

The Coombe said there were 16 doses left over after all available healthcare workers had been offered the vaccine and they would have been discarded if not given out on 8 January.

The hospital said porters, cleaners and kitchen staff have contact with patients and are included as frontline healthcare workers.

Meanwhile, the Rotunda Hospital said 37 non-staff members were given what it described as remnants of vaccine left in vials on 6 January.

Like the Coombe, it said these would have been discarded if not given out on the day. It says the 37 people were members of the local community including GP's and other vulnerable groups.

Last month the Beacon Hospital announced that an independent review is to be conducted into the controversy over the hospital vaccinating teachers from a private school in Bray.

The privately owned hospital administered 20 leftover Covid-19 vaccines to a number of teachers at St Gerard's School in Bray.