Organisations representing the Traveller community have called on Government to restate its commitment to combat inequities in accommodation, education, health, employment, cultural identity and racism and discrimination.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the State's acknowledgement of Travellers as a minority ethnic group.

In 2017, 149 actions were launched through the National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy.

Twelve are complete, 10 have yet to begin and the remaining actions are "ongoing".

The Irish Traveller Movement said the strategy has been dispersed across Government departments, without a central fund to deliver on them. 

In some departments, the ITM said no staff has been assigned to oversee delivery. 

The movement said the €5m earmarked for the National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy in 2021 falls far short of the investment needed across the actions identified. 

The strategy is due for renewal this year.