'America First' was the message from the White House over the last four years, with Donald Trump championing nationalism, ditching major international agreements and keeping allies at arm’s length.

US President-elect Joe Biden has a more traditional view of what America First means, having the US lead western powers while favouring institutions established following WWII.

His foreign policy vision for America was clear as he announced part of his new administration last month, stating that America "is back", ready to lead the world.

However, on this week’s ‘States of Mind’ podcast, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Aaron David Miller explains why and how the world stage has changed since then and what big challenges face the Biden administration.

"I worked for George H W Bush, it was the last time in my judgement that America was admired, respected and even feared," said Mr Miller, who has worked with half a dozen US secretaries of states from both sides of the political divide.

While Brexit negotiations continue and the UK’s future remains uncertain, former Irish ambassador to US and IIEA Director General, Michael Collins also looks behind Joe Biden's words when he professes support for the island of Ireland during the transition process.

Mr Collins tells the podcast that while the president may be ‘Irish deep in his heart’, people should not minimise the special relationship between the US and UK.

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