Mass testing for Covid-19 has taken place in an additional 117 schools over the past week, according to the latest data from the HSE this evening.

There have been 2,795 student and staff tests and 81 new cases of the virus have been detected.

This brings to 599 the total number of school communities where testing has been conducted since schools reopened, with a total of just under 15,285 students and staff tested, and 384 cases detected during that school testing.

This figure does not include the initial 'index' cases, which are the original cases that would have led to the decision to conduct mass testing in a facility.

The number of index cases related to schools has not been published, but it is likely to match or exceed 599, since that is the number of facilities that have undergone mass testing.

The data also excludes cases of the virus among school students or staff detected outside of the school setting and where public health authorities have not identified a risk of close contact within a school.

This week's data shows a positivity rate for testing in schools of 3%.

Only close contacts are being tested in schools.

The positivity rate for close contact testing in the community is 10%.

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