Tánaiste Leo Varadkar will seek approval from Cabinet today to bring forward anti-ticket touting legislation in the new Dáil term. 

There is concern that reduced capacity at future gigs and sports events, due to Covid-19 restrictions, could lead to a resurgence of secondary ticket sales. 

While many sporting and entertainment venues have been closed due to coronavirus restrictions, the Tánaiste is understood to want to ensure that legislation is in place to prevent people getting ripped off once live events, matches and concerts get up and running again.

To that end, Mr Varadkar is seeking draft approval from Government today, and the legislation is listed as a departmental priority for this Dáil term. 

It is understood the Tánaiste has a particular focus on ensuring the measures are in place ahead of tickets going on sale next year for the delayed Euro championships. 

It is expected the legislation will include a sliding-scale of fines, as well as prison terms, depending on how serious the offence is deemed to be.