"He might kick and scream a little" but Sean Spicer doesn't believe that Donald Trump will refuse to leave office.

The former White House Press Secretary said the commentary surrounding President Trump rejecting November's outcome, if he loses, is a "silly discussion" and somewhat manufactured by the media.

One of the most controversial US press secretaries, Sean Spicer's relationship with that media catapulted him and his role onto prime time television back in 2017. 

While his tenure was short lived, he is adamant that he would not do it again. 

"There's no way knowing what I know now, I would walk back in there," he said. 

Speaking to RTÉ's 'States of Mind' podcast, Mr Spicer said he doesn't believe that Donald Trump is worried about his re-election bid even if he is a "little behind" his Democratic rival. 

However Mr Spicer said the Trump team shouldn't underestimate Joe Biden laying low. 

"What should be concerning to the Trump campaign is that everyone keeps mocking Joe Biden saying he's in his basement [and] he's not doing anything. It's true but he's climbing in the polls. If that strategy is working… it doesn't matter how you win right?" he said.

He added: "If Joe Biden stays in his basement for the next 99 days and wins the election - it doesn't matter. You win. I think the Trump campaign has to start drawing that contrast between Biden and Trump much, much clearer." 

Sean Spicer also speaks to the podcast about the key battles for the Trump campaign, the future of the GOP and how an economy in shambles will impact Trump's re-election bid.

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