Tim Murtaugh begins putting out fires at around 4am when requests start to flood in from the media. He usually averages around 800 emails a day.

But the communications director for one of the most controversial campaigns in modern times, does not get any easy ride and he sees the US media as the biggest challenge for the Trump 2020 presidential campaign.

Mr Murtagh said his verbal sparring with US journalists can leave "blood and teeth" on the floor.

"It’s extremely hostile. And I watch my counterparts from the Joe Biden campaign, from the same news networks for their 15 minute interviews, and it’s really just an opportunity for them to air their point of view," he said.

He told RTÉ's States of Mind that he's frustrated by reporters "not holding Joe Biden to account" or like someone who is running for president of the United States.

Trust in the national polls is also eroding for the Trump campaign and while Mr Murtaugh said they do not keep him up at night, he said there is "high confidence" the president will be re-elected.

Mr Murtagh speaks to the podcast about the things Ireland "does not want hear", Trump’s Twitter, shake-ups in the campaign, holding out for campaign rallies and his Irish roots.

"Every body knows Donald Trump is who is he is and I don’t think at this point in his life there's any sense in people asking the question 'is he going to change his approach?'

"I don’t think there is any reason for him to think about changing," he added.

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