A man has been jailed for five-and-a-half years for his role in a series of "vicious and savage" assaults which left another man with severe brain damage.

Stephen Coyle, 33, of Lower Oriel Street, Dublin 1, was sentenced to seven-a-half years in prison, with the last two years suspended after he pleaded guilty to the charges.

Last week, at Trim Circuit Court, Leroy Howard, 27, with an address in Oriel Hall, Dublin 1, was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in jail for his role in the assaults.

Daniel Delaney, 27, of Mariners Port, Dublin 1, was handed down the same sentence.

Judge Martina Baxter described the attack in Ashbourne on 1 August 2016 as vicious and savage and she said while it only lasted five minutes, the ferocity of the incident was "shocking in the extreme".

The court heard evidence from Detective Garda John Trimble of Ashbourne Garda Station who said that seven people were injured on the night of the incident, which began across the road from the Ashbourne House hotel and the Garda station shortly after 3am.

Judge Baxter said this had shown the "complete brazen and blatant disregard for law and order".

The sentencing hearing heard how the group of men had been socialising in Ashbourne that night and after leaving the nightclub there was a verbal exchange with another group of people.

Three men were knocked to the ground, stamped on and sustained punches to the head.

One of the victims, Tony Morgan, spent 12 days in hospital following the attack.

Judge Baxter said this was a vicious assault and the CCTV showed that even when Mr Morgan was on the ground unconscious, the men still insisted on kicking and stamping on him.

The court heard he suffered a severe brain injury, has lost his sense of smell and is still in rehabilitation following the incident.

A number of other people who were socialising in other groups tried to intervene and the court heard how they were also assaulted.

Judge Baxter said it was shocking that this happened because "all of these individuals were good citizens and were acting out of concern".

The court described the CCTV footage from the night as disturbing and concerning. She said this "group of thugs had no fear, no one was going to be spared".

Judge Baxter said while there was no weapons used in these assaults, "feet and fists were utilised to maximum effect".

She described the attacks as "acts of savagery" attributed to alcohol and drug misuse, which she said is all too common.

Another man, Declan Byrne, 33, of Spencer Dock in Dublin 1, will be sentenced at a later date.