If money can't buy votes, what can it buy?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of the US Elections in more ways than one.

Both candidates are cooped up at home, unable to rally the troops for the usual cross country campaign ahead of Election Day on November 3. 

Joe Biden is trying to broadcast his message from a basement in Delaware while Donald Trump is attempting to grasp some positive headlines amid growing criticism of his handling of the coronavirus.

But the issue is not just visibility, it is money.

Without massive fundraising events, gala dinners and the opportunity to schmooze with those who have deep pockets - campaigns are having to get creative so they can fill cheque books. 

In this week's 'States of Mind' podcast, Brian and Jackie look at the ways and means of campaign fundraising from small donors to powerful Super PACs, and where the money goes.

Sarah Bryner from America’s premier research group for tracking money in politics, The Centre for Responsive Politics, discusses the type of money which is the most important to raise while former chair of the US Federal Election Commission, Prof Bradley Smith argues that Super PACs should never change.

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