'Summer time' in Ireland will officially begin this weekend with clocks going forward by one hour overnight tonight.

At 1am on Sunday, clocks will go forward from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to Irish Summer Time (IST).

Most smartphones, tablets and computers will update automatically.

However, with the country in lockdown, people will not be able to take advantage of the stretch in the evenings until Easter Sunday at the earliest.

Under EU law all 28 member states all clocks go back in on the last Sunday in October and go forward in the last Sunday of March.

However, last year MEPs voted to scrap the practice of moving clocks forward by an hour in spring and then back again in the autumn in the EU from April 2021.

The vote is not the last word on the issue but will form the basis of discussions with EU countries to produce a final law.

The practice of changing the clocks was first introduced in 1916 to save energy costs during the First World War.