With schools and colleges to remain closed until 19 April, here's a reminder for children, and parents, about the measures we should be taking to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Let's get one thing straight at the start, while it probably feels like you're on holiday, this time off school is not a holiday.

It is a time to follow government guidance on physical distancing and the restrictions on outside movement to flatten the Covid-19 curve in Ireland.

In fact, the longer you treat it like a holiday, the longer these restrictions will be in place and then the restrictions might restrict your actual holidays.

Every single person has a part to play in slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.

So how do you play your part?

Hold your phone at arm’s length, now double that distance. That’s how far you have to be away from another person to prevent giving them Covid-19 and to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Do not shake hands or have close contact with other people, this includes hugging, playing contact sport, walking side by side or just sitting in the same room together. All of these activities will help the coronavirus to spread.

Wash your hands. Thoroughly, regularly and for a little bit longer than a TikTok.

Social gatherings of more than four people should not take place, unless all those people are from the same family unit.

Act like you have the virus. If you meet up with two of your mates, in short, the science says you could infect them both, then they each will go home and infect two more people, and so on and so on.

Even if you feel perfectly fine and show no symptoms you could be carrying the virus, and while that’s good for you, it could be terrible for whoever you unknowingly pass it on to.

It’s either we kill the coronavirus inside us with our immune system or it kills us, and those with underlying health conditions are at particular risk. Do you want to be the person that infects them?

The message is to stay away from people physically, but you more than anyone know how to stay in touch without being face to face. Everyone has to do it, for everyone’s sake.

Being at home every day can seem extremely isolating and it doesn't help that the whole world seems to be freaking out right now.

So get into a routine. Get up, get dressed and ready for the day, put your phone away and get into some school work even if it's just to exercise your brain.

Stay away, but stay in contact. We will get through this together, while staying apart.