Fairview jeweller Damien Duggan would have celebrated 40 years in business next week.

However, this evening he was one of thousands of business owners who have shut up shop temporarily following a Government announcement that non-essential businesses must close.

In recent weeks the way he did business in Duggan Jewellers in the Dublin suburb had changed in response to efforts to curtail Covid-19.

He had temporarily let go two members of staff and he worked alone, serving only one customer at a time and by appointment only.

They shop was no longer offering ear piercing or measuring customers fingers for rings, but had seen a surge in business for repairs, as well as customers looking for items related to the current scare:

"I've been selling a lot of batteries for thermometers...usually there would be a smell of a candle of something in here, now it's a smell of Dettol."

Mr Duggan had been planning to celebrate 40 years in business with some kind of community charity event which he says "we will do when we come back".

"I didn't plan on 40 years in business to end it this way. Hopefully we'll be back in a couple of weeks, maybe in a month or a month in a half, but we will do what we are told to do."