Same-sex parents have said the order being signed by Minister for Health Simon Harris later today to extend parenting rights to some same-sex parents, does not deliver equality for all LGBT+ families.

Equality for Children is staging another demonstration at the Department of Health this afternoon calling on the Government to amend the Children and Families Relationship Act to give parenting rights to more types of families.

Mr Harris is due to sign a commencement order this afternoon which will allow some same-sex parents to register both of their names on the child's birth cert from May 2020.

But campaigners say the law leaves 50% of children behind, including those born by reciprocal IVF, surrogacy or those who have two fathers.

It says the only families that will be covered by the changes are those with children conceived using a clinic in Ireland using traceable donor sperm where the child is born in Ireland.

Equality for Children founder Ranae Von Meding said today’s signing of the commencement order is "not a win" and had already been delayed seven times over the last five years.

She said her family, along with many others "continue to be left behind".

Mr Harris has said he committed to looking at others areas of law reform to extend rights to more LGBT+ families, but he had to ensure any changes were "legal, constitutional and work".