It's just over a year since the Eighth Amendment was removed from the Irish Constitution.

In Voices of the 8th, a new podcast for RTÉ News, some of those involved on both sides of the campaign including politicians, lawyers and doctors reflect on one of the most monumental events politically and socially in Ireland's history.

Episode 5 - General Practitioners

Many people applaud the Irish Government for establishing a GP led abortion service, but others feel the E12 million set aside in budget 2019 could be better spent in the health service.

When the referendum campaign got underway last year, the medical profession just like other professions were divided over abortion services.

Dr Mark Murphy campaigned for Together for Yes and offers abortion services up to 12 weeks.

"It's with huge professional pride that colleagues up and down the country have stood up and said we'll do this"

Dr Brendan Crowley is among those who haven't signed up to that service and totally opposes it.

The Cork GP says referendum day was a dark day for those that fought to keep the 8th amendment in the constitution .

"It was celebrated vigorously by large sections of the population including many of our politicans. There was partying and flag waving and talk of freedom and progression, but the reality of repeal is entirely different"

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