Around 200 people have taken part in a protest in Dublin, calling on the Government to declare a climate emergency.

The protest, which took place at the Spire on O'Connell Street, heard speakers call for the Government to take urgent action to address climate change, and declare an emergency.

The protest was organised by Extinction Rebellion Ireland.

Spokesperson Ciaran O'Carroll said the protestors were holding a memorial service for all the animals that have been wiped out over the last 30 to 40 years because of climate change and biodiversity depletion by human action.

He said that in Ireland there has been massive biodiversity loss, and that insects are on the edge of extinction over the next few decades.

"If the insects go, we go," he said. 

He called on the Government to declare a climate emergency immediately, and to take decisive action to reduce Ireland's emissions to zero by 2030.

After speeches at the spire, the protesters carried a coffin across the city centre to St Stephen's Green in a symbolic funeral procession for humanity, to express their message that humanity could also face extinction because of climate change.