A Dublin mother-of-four who faces eviction from her rented apartment before Christmas has spoken out about her struggle to find alternative accommodation.

The woman, referred to in the Dáil this week as "Elaine" has been asked to vacate her apartment on the south side of Dublin because her landlord is selling the property.

She said she accepts that the landlord has done nothing wrong, and is entitled to sell the property.

She has known for eight months that she must leave the property "but I don't have alternative accommodation to be able to leave right now," she said.

Her case was raised in the Dáil this week by the People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett.

Speaking to RTÉ's This Week, she said she has refused to leave the apartment despite receiving a formal termination notice to vacate the property in April.

The notice instructed her to leave the property by 7 September.

"I just haven't left because I can't find alternative accommodation," she said.

"There is too many people at viewings, they don't even contact you back when you say you're looking for a HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) apartment".

"I'm still looking every day, constantly emailing, going to viewings but just never hearing back."

She said she is facing eviction "any day before Christmas".

"[The] children are asking me to put up the Christmas tree, but I won't want to put it up because I don't know when we'll have to go."

She has four children, including a baby. She said her children are worried about the future.

"The older ones that understand are worried about where they will be for Christmas, and I can't give them an answer," she said

She added: "I don't want to lie to them either and say that we will have accommodation and then we're left in a hotel."

RTÉ News has seen a signed declaration from the woman's landlord stating he intends to dispose of the property once it is vacated.

She said she has been told by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council that she will "not be left on the streets" if she is evicted, but that she must try to "self accommodate" for now.

She said she thinks she will end up in a hotel if she is evicted.

"I don't want to spend Christmas in a hotel with four children, they won't have a Christmas tree, or a proper Christmas, and there will be nowhere to celebrate with family," she said.