A nine-year-old girl with cerebral palsy has reached an interim settlement of €2.2 million after suing a Dublin maternity hospital over the circumstances of her birth.

Cassie Fitzgerald of Ravensdale Road, East Wall, Dublin, had sued the Rotunda Hospital through her father Karl Fitzgerald.

The future care needs of Cassie Fitzgerald, who is in a wheelchair and needs full-time care, will be assessed when her case comes back before the High Court in five years' time.

The court heard Cassie's parents have devoted their lives to taking care of her since her birth in July 2008.

Cassie's mother Crystal Fitzgerald told the court the family had struggled to look after Cassie over the past decade and the settlement will now mean she can get the therapies she needs.

Judge Kevin Cross allowed money to be released immediately for the family to buy a suitable car, go on a family holiday and for preliminary works to be carried out on a green field site where they hope to build a new home.

It was claimed that Cassie's mother Crystal had attended the hospital on 11 July 2008.

During the course of an examination, it was claimed a CTG recording was made, which allegedly revealed shallow decelerations of the fetal heart rate.

It was claimed that no further investigations were undertaken and Ms Fitzgerald was discharged from hospital.

On 25 July 2008, Ms Fitzgerald again presented at the Rotunda Hospital and it was claimed that the CTG was allegedly abnormal from the outset.

Cassie was later delivered by emergency caesarean section.

It was claimed there was an alleged failure to attach any, or any adequate, significance to the decelerations of 11 July and there was an alleged failure to deliver the baby by caesarean section before 25 July 2008.

When Cassie was born she was in poor condition and required resuscitation.

The claims were denied.

Approving the settlement today, Mr Justice Cross wished the family the best of luck for the future.