The HSE has set up a group to examine more than 100 complaints from service users of a centre for intellectually disabled people in the south of the country. 

Some of the complaints go back as far as the 1980s.

The HSE have confirmed they are looking at a range of complaints that vary in seriousness, from mild to very serious, at a centre for people with intellectual disabilities in the south of the country. 

The examination arose after a staff member from the centre's current management discovered issues in the archives going back to the tenure of the previous management.

Those concerns were brought to the HSE's attention and an archive examination of the records concerning 393 individuals was undertaken. 

During that examination, 131 complaints were discovered that were made by, or on behalf of, service users. 

That is what the Serious Incident Management Team that has been set up by the HSE will now examine. 

They want to know how the complaints were handled and whether appropriate follow-up action was taken in the case of serious issues.

To that end they will be contacting the families of the service users and their current service providers to see if those individuals are now being safeguarded, and what further information about the complaints is available.

The HSE team is also interacting with other relevant statutory agencies including the gardaí and TUSLA.