The party of the deposed Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont has submitted a proposal for a reform of regional law that would allow the former president to govern from Belgium. 

Mr Puigdemont has been in self-imposed exile in Belgium since fleeing Spain just days after the Catalan parliament declared independence from Madrid in October last year. 

His Together for Catalonia party came first in a snap regional election and he was named as their candidate to once again rule the region. 

The party as now submitted this new proposal to Catalan's parliament, in an attempt to get around Spain's constitutional law, which says a candidate must be present at the regional parliament to be officially appointed.

The proposal suggests the Catalan parliament could authorise, by an absolute majority, to hold an investiture debate without the presence and intervention of the candidate.

It would also allow for a "remote" government to be conducted partly by using emails, audio conferences and video conferences. 

It comes as Catalan separatists are divided over how to form an effective regional government.

The proposal is reportedly not backed by Catalonia's jailed former vice president, Oriole Junqueras, from the Republican Left of Catalonia pro-independence party. 

He has instead suggested that Mr Puigdemont could rule as a "symbolic" president with a fully functioning executive on site. 

Spain issued a European Arrest Warrant against Mr Puigdemont, but later dropped it. 

However, he faces arrest if he returns to Spain for leading the secession bid in the deeply divided region.