A 20-year dispute over causal trading in Kenmare, Co Kerry has come to an end after the withdrawal of objections.

Casual trading by-laws published in 2016 by Kerry County Council, which issues licences for street trading, will now be implemented with some amendments.

Under the laws, the traders will move from the town’s Square area to the Park Lane and Park Lane East into designated spots.  

A three-day hearing last summer concluded with amendments attached by the judge, but appeals were lodged.

The Kenmare Chamber of Commerce had also not been satisfied with the by-laws and was party to the objections. 

The Circuit Civil Court in Killarney was told today by counsel for Conor Muprhy, solicitor on behalf of the traders, the principal objectors, that they were withdrawing their appeal.

The chamber is also withdrawing.

Casual trading in the town has grown hugely in the past 20 years and up to 40 stalls now operate in Kenmare on market and other days.

However, shop owners, who pay rates, complained of a drop in business and a lack of visibility because people were setting up outside their doors causing what they described as a "chaotic" situation.

Disputes have sometimes come before the local court.  

Designated spaces will now leave the square area free from crowding and more parking spaces will be provided for visitors.

There are plans for pedestrian ways as well as one-way traffic systems.

It is likely the new trading area will be in place by Easter.