Opposition TDs have described as 'bizarre' the fact that gardaí have continued to be posted at the home of former taoiseach Liam Cosgrave, over a month since he passed away.

It emerged on RTÉ's Liveline programme today that gardaí have maintained a 24-hour presence at the house in south west Dublin since Mr Cosgrave died on 4 October.

Mr Cosgrave was taoiseach from 1973 until 1977 and gardaí have been stationed at his home throughout his retirement.

All former taoisigh are entitled to such garda protection.

Sinn Féin's justice spokesperson Jonathan O'Brien said at a time when garda resources are under the microscope, it seems bizarre that a number of gardaí are full-time outside the former Taoiseach's house and said he did not see any operational sense in it.

He said gardaí should review the practice as quickly as possible.

In a statement this evening, gardaí said that following the death of a protected person, it conducts a full security review and a determination on security requirements is made based on the outcome of that review. 

It said the review is undertaken in conjunction with the Department of Justice and the occupants of the property. 

This review has been completed and a determination reached. 

The statement went on to say that they will not comment any further on matters of security.