A woman living in a property in Crumlin which has been described as a fire trap has said she does not know where she will go now.

The High Court has ordered that the property which was being used as a hostel on Old County Road in Crumlin should be vacated.

It comes after concerns were raised by RTÉ Investigates.

The woman said that most of her fellow tenants are Brazilian students who are on visas which allow them to work up to 20 hours per week.

She said many are in jobs where they may not get 20 hours every week and they all find it very hard to get affordable accommodation in Dublin.

She told RTÉ News that she was paying €250 per month for her place in the house.

She described the house as being divided into two parts, with six rooms in the part where she was staying and four people in each room.

She said there are many houses in Dublin like the one on Old County Road and in the last place she was living there were 30 people sharing.

She said she and her housemates were aware of the issues, such as lack of emergency exits in the house, but said "for us it was okay."

When asked what was she was going to do now she said "I don't know, pray."