The partner of Garda Keith Harrison has told the Disclosures Tribunal that he did not put pressure on her to go along with the allegations.

Marissa Simms said that it was absolutely not the case that Garda Harrison pressurised her.

Lawyer for the Garda Commissioner, Mícheál O'Higgins, put it to Ms Simms that there was a "major sea change" and "a dramatic change of mind" in her actions when she told an investigator from the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission that she did not wish to pursue an investigation into alleged threats by Garda Harrison.

The phone conversation between GSOC and Ms Simms took place just a few days after she had made the statement of complaint against Garda Harrison.

Gardaí sent the complaint on to GSOC.

Mr O'Higgins said that something had caused her to change her mind and that was Garda Harrison.  Ms Simms denied that was the case.

The tribunal is investigating contacts between gardaí and Tusla in relation to Garda Harrison.

Ms Simms was recalled today to address earlier evidence.

A Tusla social worker has told the Tribunal that she was not instructed by gardaí to visit the home of Garda Keith Harrison and his partner.

Donna McTeague said nobody directed her to progress the case and it was her own decision to conduct the home visit.

She said the home visit on 19 February 2014 was necessary as Garda Harrison confirmed in an initial meeting that an "incident" had occurred. 

She said she had confirmation and it was necessary for her to observe the relationship between the children and the mother and Garda Harrison.

Counsel for the Tribunal asked Ms McTeague if she had told the couple that she had been contacted by the gardaí as they have alleged. 

Ms McTeague said she had not and that she had not taken instructions from the gardaí or reported back to them.

She also denied that she had expressed bemusement while at the house.

Garda Harrison and Ms Simms have said the visit caused huge distress. Ms McTeague said that was not the experience that was had and she said that characterisation was very unfair. 

Ms McTeague said the referral she received was supplemented with more information from Sergeant Brigid McGowan. 

She was told there had been abusive and threatening comments made by Garda Harrison to Ms Simms and that this had happened in front of the children.

She was not told that a threat had been made to burn and bury Ms Simms and Ms McTeague said that would have made the referral more serious.