A teenage golfer who was hit on the head by a stray ball on a course in Co Derry is to receive £125,000 in damages.

The High Court in Belfast was told that the golf club’s insurers will make the payment.

The court heard that the teen had just begun his round and was on the first green of the Riverside Course in Portstewart when a ball played from another part of the course struck him on the head.

The boy, who was still at school at the time of the incident in 2007, sustained a severe injury.

Part of the case centred on claims that insufficient warning signs were in place at the time.

Proceedings were issued against the trustees of Portstewart Golf Club, where this year’s Irish Open was played, alleging negligence. 

The action was settled on the basis that the club's insurers will pay the injured teenager £125,000.

The resolution of the case involves no admission of liability.