The Irish Research Council has released ten striking images from Irish research.

The council had asked researchers to submit images captured during the course of their research.

Out of 124 entries received, ten were selected which will now feature on the council's new website.

The Irish Research Council, which was launched in 2012, supports research across all disciplines and career stages.

It is an agency of the Department of Education and Skills.

Abulaiti Hairisha, Irish Research Council Scholar, 'Simulating the controlled growth of polymer thin films by molecular layer deposition'.

Chiara Mizzoni, Andrew Grene Postgraduate Scholar in Conflict Resolution, 'A group of FARC fighters watch a game of afternoon football at a demobilisation and transition camp in Icononzo, Colombia'.

Pierre Jolivet, Irish Research Council Scholar, 'Visualisations from open sound control driven inputs to virtual reality environments'.

Ross Lundy, Irish Research Council Scholar, 'Deforest gold micro-mushrooms on copper meadow'.

David Cichon, Irish Research Council Scholar, 'Garment workers in Phnom Penh marching for a living wage and collective bargaining rights on International Labour Day 2017'.

Sven Batke, Irish Research Council Fellow, 'A bromeliad plant from the same family as pineapples which grows on top of tall tropical trees'.

Ross Lundy, Irish Research Council Scholar, 'Copper oxide nanoblades'.

Maria Velasco, Irish Research Council Scholar, 'The cerebellar network between neurons (red), astrocytes (yellow) and microglia (green) in a mouse organotypic slice culture'.

Sajad Alimohammadi, Irish Research Council Fellow, 'Refractive index matched PIV applications: Velocity profiles for flow around an array of cylinders'.

Shane Holohan, Irish Research Council Scholar, 'Ben Collis & Elisabeth Künkele(© Einar Kling-Odencrants) performing as part of my PhD in arts practice'.