A 21-year-old man has appeared before Ennis District Court charged in relation to the fatal stabbing of 25-year-old Karl Haugh in Kilkee, Co Clare at the weekend.

Robbie Walsh, with an address at Island View, Kilrush, was charged with assault causing serious harm to Mr Haugh at the Marian Estate in Kilkee on 6 August.

He has been remanded in custody to appear again in court next week.

Garda David King gave evidence of arrest, charge and caution of Mr Walsh at Kilrush Garda Station yesterday evening.

Solicitor for Mr Walsh, Edel Ryan, applied for bail and Judge Marie Keane refused bail to Mr Walsh after garda concerns and remanded Mr Walsh in custody.

Outlining the garda concerns, Det Sgt Padraig Frawley said it will be alleged that Mr Walsh was one of three people to enter the Marian Estate in Kilkee after 1am and proceeded to call to houses in the estate looking for Mr Haugh.

Det Frawley said it will be further alleged that while in the estate, the accused and the two males came across Mr Haugh and another male and a fight ensued where weapons were used.

He said: "Other individuals also arrived who became involved in the fight."

Det Frawley said: "During the course of the altercation, Karl Haugh received a stab wound to his back. Garda arrived at the scene where knives and golf clubs were recovered."

He said that Mr Haugh was brought by ambulance to Limerick University Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6am.

Det Frawley said a post-mortem examination was carried out by Dr Michael Curtis and the initial report indicated that Mr Haugh's death was a result of a stab wound to the back, to the left of the spine, that punctured his left lung.

Det Frawley said that following Mr Haugh's death, there has been tension in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

He said: "This was evident on the morning where there was an incident at the residence of the accused."

Det Frawley said there is a fear that if Mr Walsh is released on bail "it will lead to an escalation in tension and a potential for further incidents".

He said that on the morning of 6 August, gardaí went to Mr Walsh's Island View address in Kilrush following a separate incident at the location.

He said: "Gardaí believe that this incident is indirectly related to the incident at Marian Estate."

Det Frawley said that Mr Walsh was arrested by gardaí on 10am.

He said gardaí recovered a knife handle and a blade at the scene of Mr Haugh's death and the blade had blood on it.

Det Frawley said that Mr Walsh is a drug addict and a user of cocaine, Xanax and cannabis.

Ms Ryan told the court there is no question that her client was on bail for any matters during the incident from which he is charged with.

Ms Ryan: "My client has been co-operative with gardaí and will continue to be co-operative.

Insp Kennedy said: "This is a very serious matter and gardaí have grave concerns if Mr Walsh is granted bail."

Judge Keane said: "I am satisfied that this matter doesn't merit bail. The circumstances of this are quite serious. There is a fatality as a result of the incident."

She said: "The State has given evidence of tension in the area of Kilkee and this is quite understandable given that all the parties are known to each other."

Judge Keane remanded Mr Walsh in custody to Limerick prison to 14 August.