A planned sea search around Blackrock Island has been postponed until Monday due to bad weather in the area.

Rescue 116 crashed with the loss of all four crew members in March of this year.

The bodies of two crewmen, Paul Ormsby and Ciarán Smith, have still not been found.

Superintendent Tony Healy from Belmullet, who is coordinating the operation, said the search will now get under way on Monday when the weather improves.

It had been hoped that searches could be carried out over the weekend.

The intention is that a trawler with a specially made net will trawl some areas around Blackrock.

Garda divers will operate from the trawler. 

Coastguard volunteers will also conduct a shore search on Monday to coincide and follow the sea search in case any material of interest is trawled up and subsequently washed ashore.

The search trawler is due to carry out some survey work around Blackrock tomorrow to try and learn more about the type of seabed area to be searched on Monday.