The Disclosures Tribunal has heard that when Tusla first opened a file on Sergeant Maurice McCabe in 2013 it was based on the correct version of the allegation of child sexual abuse made against him.

Keara McGlone, duty team leader for Cavan, Tusla (then HSE Child and Family Services) said that the initial referral over the phone, made by Laura Brophy of Rian Counselling to social services, was based on the correct details of the allegation made by Ms D.

However, when Ms Brophy sent her written report on 12 August, she had incorrectly inflated the severity of the sexual assault allegation.

Ms McGlone said when she got the verbal referral from a colleague, she checked their files and found the allegation was consistent with an old one from 2006. 

However, she wanted to be absolutely certain and she was concerned that the alleged perpetrator had not been met by the HSE, so she wrote to the gardaí.

She wrote to Superintendent Noel Cunningham, who had investigated the 2006 allegation, in a letter dated 15 August 2013 asking for a meeting to discuss the referral. 

She wanted to assess any risk Sgt McCabe might pose to any other children. 

She was not suggesting it as a new referral at that time, she was just looking for clarification.

She never heard back from Supt Cunningham or anyone on his behalf. She said that a response at that stage would have negated further Garda contact.

Mícheál O'Higgins, SC for the Garda Commissioner, said Supt Cunningham opened the letter on return from leave in September and he did see it but did not respond to it.

However he said that the incorrect details had already hit the McCabe file and was "ticking" with consequences yet to happen.

Ms McGlone opened a file on Sgt McCabe and this was the first time a file was opened on him in HSE Child and Family Services, which later became Tusla.

Michael McDowell, SC for Sgt McCabe, said that from this point, the file was on automatic pilot and at some stage somebody was going to open it and send it to the gardaí.

Ms McGlone said she was not aware at the time of any controversies in relation to Sgt McCabe alleging poor policing in Cavan/Monaghan.

Mr McDowell put it to Ms McGlone that she was married to a garda based in Monaghan and Ms McGlone said she was not close to that person at the time and they married in 2015.

Mr McDowell said an internal Garda investigation had concluded that there had been no systemic failures in policing in the area at the time.

Tusla social worker sent incorrect notification to gardaí, tribunal hears

The Tribunal has also heard that a Tusla social worker sent an incorrect notification to the gardaí about the retrospective abuse allegation made against Sgt McCabe.

Laura Connolly, social worker with Tusla, said that on 30 April, 2014, she took the Sgt McCabe file out and reviewed it.

Her understanding was that when they received retrospective allegations of sexual abuse, they had to notify the gardaí and she did so despite the fact that it had already been investigated. 

Tribunal chairman, Mr Justice Peter Charleton, said that two contradictory accounts of the retrospective allegation were on the file at the time.

The notification sent to gardaí by Ms Connolly combined both the 2006 allegation together with the more serious allegation of sexual abuse incorrectly introduced by Rian Counselling.

Mr Justice Charleton said he could not understand how the descriptions were put together.

Ms Connolly said she relied on the contents of the incorrect written report received from Rian Counselling rather than the correct verbal one. She said she overlooked the fact that a different name was contained in the body of the report. 

She also opened intake records on Sgt McCabe's four children, even though two of them were then over 18.

She said that was the practice at the time when an alleged perpetrator lived with children.

Ms Connolly said that in April 2014 she had not heard of Sgt McCabe or whistleblowing despite coverage in the media. 

Kathleen Leader, Counsel for the Tribunal, said that it was difficult to accept that Ms Connolly had not heard of Sgt McCabe by April 2014. 

Ms Leader said that the [former] Garda Commissioner had referred to Sgt McCabe in "derogatory terms" at the Public Accounts Committee. Ms Connolly said that it was not a story of interest to her and she did not read newspapers. 

Ms Leader also said that coincidentally, the day before Ms Connolly reached for the file, Ms D had made a complaint to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission.

Ms Connolly will return on Monday to be cross examined by Sgt McCabe's lawyers and others.