The management company in charge of Beacon Quarter South apartments in Sandyford in south Dublin has passed a proposal to levy owners an average of €10,000 each to fix building defects.

A vote was taken at the management company Annual General Meeting, which lasted until almost 1am.  

The resolution dealing with water ingress issues was passed with 349 for, 92 abstaining and 139 against, while another resolution dealing with fire issues was passed with 423 for, 11 abstaining and 153 against.

The result now means that the additional money for a sinking fund will be sought from owners. The vote was greeted with dismay and frustration by many residents.

Spokesperson Killian Ryan said it was "extremely disappointing", and he has vowed to bring political pressure to bear.

He said residents felt that they were being let down by both local and national Government.

The overall bill for repairs is more than €10m.