The percentage of people on Facebook in Ireland fell by 3% to 64% during the three months to January, according to the latest Social Networking Tracker from Ipsos MRBI.

The tracker also recorded a significant increase in the proportion of people who have a Twitter and an Instagram account.

It found that 28% of over 15-year-olds now use Instagram, compared to a quarter of people at the end of the previous three month period, while the proportion of users with a Twitter account rose four points to 29%.

Facebook (74%) remains the social network that has the largest proportion of its members here using it daily, unchanged from the three months to last November.

Daily usage of Twitter increased two per cent to 33%, while Google+ daily engagement rose 5% to 27%.

The tracker found that 18%of LinkedIn users here are active on it each day, up 4% on the previous quarter, while daily use of Instagram at 56% is down three points in the same period.

Ipsos MRBI's Social Messaging Tracker for the quarter found the percentage of people with Facebook Messenger accounts in Ireland has risen three points to 58%, while WhatsApp account ownership is up 3% to 56%.

Skype, Viber and Snapchat account ownership remains broadly unchanged.

Snapchat is the messaging platform most used on a daily basis by those who are on it, though, with daily usage up 3% to 70%.

WhatsApp is the next most commonly used messaging platform by its members on a daily basis, with 63% of its users sending messages every day, up 4% over the past three months.

Daily use of Tinder among those using the dating app is down 6% to 22%.