A man who sublet a house to up to 50 tenants has said he thinks it was safe.

All tenants have left the house in Cabinteely, Co Dublin, after Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council obtained a court order to prevent it being used for dormitory accommodation.

The Pines on Lehaunstown Road in Cabinteely was home to up to 50 people many sleeping in rows of bunk beds.

Christian Carter, the man who was sub-letting the property to the tenants, would not give RTÉ News an interview though he did say that he believed it was safe for so many people to live there.

But tenants described overcrowded conditions where dozens of people shared three bathrooms and the electricity frequently failed.

They said there were nine fridges, two washing machines and two driers in the house and up to 50 people trying to charge phones and computers.

The house has been vacated to allow council officials to inspect.

There are also fears of pollution of a local stream as the septic tank serving the house has been overwhelmed by the number of people using the system.