A new initiative is aiming to get women who have taken a break from the IT industry back into it again.

The Women ReBoot campaign aims to dispel the impression held by some women that the industry has probably moved on since they last worked in it.

"There is a crying need for experienced talent in the IT sector and many women could perfectly meet these key needs with a little retraining. Their abilities would be a huge asset," said Joe Hogan, founder of software company Openet which is supporting the project.

Right now there is a strong demand for IT skills in Ireland and a shortage of suitable talent.

The sector also suffers from a gender imbalance, with considerably more men working in ICT jobs than women.

The initiative aims to mutually benefit companies looking for skilled workers and women who are considering re-entering the workforce following a career break for reasons including raising families.

Through the initiative, experts will provide coaching and professional guidance to women in order to help them rebuild their confidence and help them access flexible work placements.

The idea for the project came from Software Skillnet, the national learning and skills network of the Irish Software Association (ISA) which is the national representative body for more than 300 software companies here.

Other companies backing the plan include SAP, S3 Group, Openet, Version 1 and MongoDB.

"Highly talented women can lose belief in their potential and ability if they are out of the sector for a few years," said Maire Hunt, Network Director of the Software Skillnet.

"Building confidence in their potential though technology upskilling, individual coaching and offering a look inside the sector through engagement with our sponsor companies is crucial."

Anyone interested in learning more can attend an information evening at the Wood Quay Venue Amphitheatre in Dublin 2 on Thursday 16 February at 6pm or visit the website link here.