The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has issued a warning notice to RTÉ in respect of complaints upheld over an edition of the Ray D’Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio One.

The compliance committee of the BAI has upheld two complaints about the discussion on the show of the issue of termination of pregnancy in the case of fatal foetal abnormalities.

The committee noted it was the third occasion on which complaints have been upheld in respect of coverage on the programme of the topic of Irish law in respect of abortion and said this was a matter of concern.

The rationale for issuing a warning notice, the BAI said, was to ensure that a broadcaster is aware that the matter is considered to be relatively serious, whilst at the same time providing an opportunity for the BAI and the broadcaster to work together to resolve the issue.

If the matter is not remedied to the BAI's satisfaction, the matter may ultimately result in the compliance committee determining that an investigation is warranted and the potential application of formal sanctions.

In a statement, RTÉ said it noted and accepted the decision of the BAI.

The broadcaster said that it will provide the BAI with a plan to ensure there is no re-occurrence of the issues identified.

The Pro Life Campaign has welcomed the decision, describing it as "significant" in the ongoing campaign against media bias on the abortion issue.