The jury in the trial of a GP accused of the manslaughter of her profoundly disabled daughter is expected to begin deliberating on a verdict tomorrow.

Bernadette Scully, from Emvale, Bachelor's Walk, Tullamore, has denied the manslaughter of her 11-year-old daughter Emily Barut by an act of gross negligence on 15 September 2012.

The prosecution alleges she gave her toxic amounts of the sedative chloral hydrate.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy has completed his charge to the jury by summarising the evidence of the two-week trial.

He told the jury they could "accept some parts of the evidence and reject other parts."

Yesterday he told the jury to approach the case in a cool and collected manner, leaving aside emotion.

He said this was particularly important given the nature of this case.

He said they had to be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused's conduct was a substantial cause of death.

He also said the prosecution must prove she had a duty of care to her daughter.

He said to be convicted of manslaughter the accused must have failed to observe the ordinary and necessary care expected of her to the point that she was negligent to a very high degree.

That negligence must have carried a very high degree of risk. 

He gave his instruction after closing arguments were made by the prosecution and defence counsels at the Central Criminal Court.