Meteor hunters maybe in for a valuable find, after a huge fireball was reportedly spotted over the country on Wednesday night.

According to Astronomy Ireland, the massive space rock struck our high atmosphere around 5.15pm, creating sparks, a smoke trail and a bright flash said to be more intense than the full moon.

AI wants people who saw the meteor-like phenomenon to send written reports of their sighting, or check CCTV to see if was picked up.

It will then compile a likely location for where it may have landed, should anything have survived entry through the atmosphere.

Astronomy Ireland will publish the details so that people interested in looking for it can mount a search.

Meteorites found in Ireland in the past have proven to be hugely valuable, trading hands for as much as 50 times the price of gold, and they are also considered scientifically valuable.

In 1999 reports of a fireball led to fragments being discovered near Leighlinbridge in Co Carlow, which were sold online by collectors for large amounts of money, according to Astronomy Ireland.