The new expert commission on water has been given a budget of €280,000 and will report next month, the Dáil has been told.

Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government Simon Coveney gave the details during Minister's Questions this afternoon.

He said the majority of the costs are associated with providing staff, including a researcher and senior researcher, and administration support to the commission.

The members of the expert commission are being paid €3,000 each for their work, with the chair getting €7,500, which Mr Coveney described as modest.

The Expert Commission on Domestic Public Water Services will make its report available to the new special Oireachtas Committee on Water at the end of the month. 

Mr Coveney said he understood there was basic agreement at the Oireachtas Business Committee today on the make-up of the water committee, which will have five Government TDs, four Fianna Fáil TDs, two from Sinn Féin and five other TDS representing the smaller groups, along with four senators.

He said the group of 20 will be set up next week.

He said he had no engagement with the expert commission as he did not to be accused of influencing their deliberations.

Mr Coveney added that it was one of the most divisive subjects the Dáil had to deal with.

A motion on the make-up of the committee is expected to come before the Dáil next week.