AAA/PBP TD Paul Murphy has made allegations about former Fine Gael TD Brian Walsh in the Dáil this afternoon regarding contacts with the National Assets Management Agency.

Mr Murphy cited reports in the Sunday Times newspaper about the former deputy repeatedly lobbying NAMA on behalf of his business partners over a period of years and not making any disclosure to NAMA of his relationship with those people.

Mr Murphy asked Minister for Finance Michael Noonan if he agrees that this was "entirely inappropriate, if not a breach of the NAMA act".

The minister said "the newspaper articles include references to a specific property. I am informed that NAMA was not the owner or the seller of this property.

"The sale was managed by a receiver and in accordance with NAMA's policy was fully openly marketed and sold to the highest bidder."

He said that "public representatives regularly engage with NAMA on both policy and constituency related issues. NAMA welcomes this engagement".

The minister said that he does not believe there has been any incident that could be considered a breach of section 2.21.1 of the NAMA act.

Mr Murphy referenced "a letter from Brian Walsh on headed TD notepaper to NAMA raising a question about the sale of land, which subsequently went on open market and was sold to Liam Mulryan".

He said the letter urges NAMA to take measures that will rectify the situation in a manner that benefits the taxpayer.

"What he does not mention in the letter, and surely the minister agrees is a problem, he doesn’t mention the fact that he was previously an employee of Mr Mulryan.

"He doesn't mention the fact that he owned at least six properties with Mr Mulryan. He doesn't mention the fact that he was a director of Mr Mulryan's companies.

"He is clearly a long-standing business associate of a guy who ends up owning this property partly as a consequence of his intervention."

Mr Noonan said that TDs frequently contact NAMA and they are entitled to do so under law.

NAMA circulated a dedicated email address and phone number to TDs to get information for constituents.

He added: "The former TD identified in the newspaper article did not inform NAMA of any business relationship with any parties on whose behalf he had made representations.

"NAMA has no way of knowing the nature of any relationship between public representatives and their correspondence."

He said that NAMA receives hundreds of written representations from national politicians each year and NAMA welcomes this engagement.

Mr Murphy said he has land records that Mr Walsh and the other person co-own properties, information from the Companies Registration Office that shows their relationship, and other information they have taken out loans together. They have a business relationship, he said.

He asked if NAMA has a legal responsibility now to contact gardaí given that it now knows details of the relationship between Mr Walsh and Mr Mulryan.

Mr Noonan said "there is nothing that Deputy Murphy has put on the record of the House which changes the position that NAMA does not believe anything illegal happened and that they welcome inquiries from deputies and others".