The High Court will give its judgment at a later date in the case taken by former Rehab CEO Angela Kerins against the Dáil Public Accounts Committee.

In closing arguments after a ten-day hearing, lawyers for Ms Kerins said the tone of an article written by Independent TD Shane Ross after Ms Kerins and other officials appeared before the PAC plainly indicated a state of mind adverse to her and other Rehab officials.

Senior Counsel John Rogers quoted from an article in which Mr Ross wrote that "for sheer neck, no one has come close to Angela Kerins and her charity gang".

Mr Rogers said the article by Mr Ross referred to the Rehab witnesses appearing before the PAC on 27 February 2014 and alleged the Committee was given the "two-finger treatment" with "key questions" left unanswered.

He referred to including Ms Kerins' "astronomical" €240,000 salary and "chunky bonuses" in the past.

He said this was a member of the PAC discussing its business in public through his newspaper column.

Presiding Judge Mr Justice Peter Kelly remarked it was "hardly a discussion" and Mr Ross was "expressing trenchant views".

Mr Rogers said the PAC was by this stage "wholly out of control" and its business was being discussed by one of its members in public when there was no recourse.

When Mr Justice Kelly remarked there was the option of a defamation action, Mr Rogers argued there was no recourse in the context of the process of the Committee.

Mr Rogers also said the then PAC Chairman, Independent TD John McGuinness, had written an article in the Irish Sun dealing with what Mr McGuinness regarded as Ms Kerins' "refusal" to appear again before the PAC.

He further argued Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald was permitted by the Chairman to "forcefully" pursue Rehab witnesses at the 10 April 2014 hearing to get them to "condemn" Ms Kerins in her absence.

There was a "free for all" and a "wholesale failure" to comply with constitutional justice, he said.

Mr Justice Kelly, presiding over the three judge divisional court with Mr Justice Seamus Noonan and Ms Justice Isobel Kennedy, said they had "a great deal to consider" and would give judgment at a later date.

Ms Kerins claims the two PAC hearings subjected her to a witch hunt.

She is claiming damages for personal injury, loss of reputation and loss of career.

The Committee denies her claims and said it was entitled to ask questions about the use of more than €80 million in public funds received by Rehab.