Sinn Féin has launched its alternative Budget 2017 proposals on capital spending.

It says it will deliver over 7,000 social homes, plough €179m into education and €150m into health.

The party is also proposing to spend millions on upgrading the water system.

It is proposing measures that it says will cost 2.5% of GNP and create 23,500 jobs.

Capital spending proposals outlined by Sinn Féin this morning would add €1.2 billion to existing government plans, which the party says are unambitious.

Sinn Féin's David Cullinane claimed that the Government's plan, which devotes less than 2% of GDP to capital spending next year, is inadequate.

The party says their plan would help rebuild the economy.

The biggest party spend is on housing, where it proposes to double the number of social homes provided to 7,000 at an extra cost of €490m.

In the absence of charges, Sinn Féin wants an extra €200 million spent on upgrading the water network, with the metering budget diverted to improvements in infrastructure.

The party will unveil its overall plan next week, with an emphasis on cutting the cost of living for families rather than cutting taxes.

Sinn Féin says it will ease the burden by a range of measures including scrapping property tax and water charges.