The Air Accident Investigation Unit has published a report into an incident in Dublin Airport where two workers were blown over and injured as a result of a jet blast.

The incident happened last November when a Ryanair Boeing 737 was manoeuvring onto its parking stand.

The workers were working on site and when the aircraft turned they were blown backwards by the jet blast.

Initially, it was thought one of the men was seriously injured. Both were taken to hospital, but it later emerged that neither had suffered any fractures, although both had sustained bruising.

In its report into the incident, the AAIU said it would have been prudent to ensure minimum thrust was used or to consider re-starting the second engine or using a tug to manoeuvre the aircraft onto its stand.

The investigation noted the steps taken by Ryanair to reinforce the safety message around jet blast and to ensure that single engine taxi-in procedures are not employed when parking on stands adjacent to the work site.

The investigation also noted the procedural changes which the DAA had since introduced.