Lawyers for former Rehab Group Chief Executive Angela Kerins have told the High Court the Public Accounts Committee carried out, with no legal basis, an invasion of her private affairs.

The submission was made on the fourth day of an action by Ms Kerins who claims the committee acted unlawfully and caused distress and injury to her health in its questioning of her on 27 February 2014 and its hearing in April.

A three-judge division of the High Court is hearing arguments about the committee's powers to question her.

Senior counsel John Rogers also argued there was no jurisdictional basis for derogatory statements made during two public PAC hearings about Ms Kerins.

Mr Rogers said he was relying on various court decisions, particularly the judgments of the High and Supreme Courts on the Abbeylara case, to argue the actions of the PAC in relation to Ms Kerins had no legal basis.

While PAC argued it was not a fact-finding body, its members made statements and comments that were derogatory of Ms Kerins, he said.

Those statements in themselves were on the record of a House of the Oireachtas and were directed to the character of Ms Kerins and her reputation.

He said they were made without any warrant, order of reference or resolution underpinning any entitlement to inquire into circumstances that might warrant such comment. 

The court will be shown recordings of the PAC hearings before lawyers for the committee begin their submissions tomorrow.

High Court President Mr Justice Peter Kelly said it was now clear the case would not finish this week and would have to be adjourned on Friday until the new law term in October as all three judges have commitments to other cases next week.