Average internet speeds in Ireland have dropped by 14% in the last year, according to new analysis.

Between January and the end of March of this year, the average speed of an Irish internet connection was 14.4Mbps.

However, that figure represents a 13% increase compared to the last three months of 2015.

According to the latest State of the Internet/Connectivity Report from Akamai, Ireland now sits at 23rd place in the global ranking of internet speeds, and 15th place in Europe.

Despite the drop in average speeds in the past year, Irish peak internet speeds have risen 10% in the first quarter of the year and now stand at almost 61Mbps.

About 83% of the 2.139 million internet connections in Ireland are faster than 4Mbps, a 14% increase in the last year.

However, globally Ireland sits in 49th place when it comes to the percentage of people with a minimum 4Mbps connection.

48% of premises enjoy speeds of more than 10 Mbps, with Ireland sitting in 28th place relative to its global peers in this category.

Just 30% of internet connections in the country are 15Mbps or over.

Globally South Korea enjoys the fastest average internet speeds in the world, at 29Mbps.

The global average, according to Akamai, is 6.3Mbps.