A man who was found guilty of pouring boiling water with sugar over his girlfriend's leg has been jailed for two- and-a-half years for assault causing harm.

Michael Lynch, 25, was convicted of assault causing harm to Tara Byrd on 21 July 2015 at Old Youghal Road, Cork, where they were living at the time.

After her ex-boyfriend was jailed, Ms Byrd said that women should get out of relationships with possessive and violent men.

Ms Byrd said that if women feel any man is controlling them or being paranoid "get away from them, it will only get worse."

Ms Byrd and her father, Willie Byrd, felt the sentence was light in terms of the pain and fear she went through.

She said she now had the fear of him when he gets out of jail.

The attack occurred after Lynch became paranoid about her looking at a young man who was a mutual friend of theirs on a night out.

The court was told Lynch first threatened to pour boiling water and sugar on Ms Byrd's left leg and did so moments afterwards.

As a result of her injuries she had to receive medical attention, including a skin graft.

Lynch would not call for an ambulance on the night and one was only called was only when a cousin of his visiting the house the next day insisted.

Ms Byrd later went into a women's refuge on her release from hospital as she was in fear of Lynch.

Last week a jury returned an 11-1 guilty verdict in Lynch's re-trial. The jury in his initial trial in May could not decide on a verdict on either of the two charges.

The jury took over three hours to reach the verdict.

The accused man did not give evidence but he told gardaí it was only a small amount of water that accidentally fell and he blamed a slope in the room.