The first stem cell tissue transplant eye operation in Ireland has been performed at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin.

Patrick Godfrey, 46, from Co Tipperary underwent the procedure during an hour-long operation to help restore his deteriorating sight.

The stem cells were grown in recent weeks at the eye bank at the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

The surgery was led by ophthalmic surgeon William Power.

It will be up to six weeks before doctors can establish how successful the operation has been.

It is hoped the operation will lead to healthy stem cells growing in the cornea in Mr Godfrey's right eye.

Mr Godfrey has had sight problems since birth due to a genetic condition and has an artificial left eye.

Speaking to RTÉ News just before his operation, Mr Godfrey said he hoped it would give him a better quality of life and lead to more independence.

The operation has been also possible due to a collaboration with researchers at Dublin City University.

Mr Power said he hoped that around six such operations could be performed in Ireland this year.