Several thousand people attended a 'Celebrate the 8th' rally in Dublin city centre today.

Organisers of the 'Celebrate the 8th' pro-life gathering said they were "thrilled and very encouraged" with the turnout.

They said that the event was held to highlight the positive impact that the 8th Amendment has had on Ireland and to call for greater fairness in the way the issue is debated in the national media.

"We are here today to reclaim the 8th Amendment as something positive, humane and life-saving," said organiser Cora Sherlock.

"There are tens of thousands of people alive today because of the 8th Amendment, Ireland's right to life amendment. These stories of hope and survival simply cannot be ignored in the debate," added Ms Sherlock.

The keynote speaker at the event was Melissa Ohden from the US. She said she was born after a failed abortion.

"You have every reason to be proud of the 8th Amendment," Ms Ohden told the crowds.

"Passing this provision in 1983 was a hugely positive step forward for authentic human rights. As an abortion survivor, I applaud your country for it," she added.