The Minister of State for Health Promotion has told the Dáil that she has had her life threatened on social media.

Speaking during a debate on mental health Marcella Corcoran Kennedy said: "We have to mind our own mental health and I, personally speaking, find dealing with social media very, very challenging.

"The level of negativity and vilification and viciousness that is tossed at public representatives as if we are figures of stone, as if we do not feel the same as everybody else, as if we don't have a family the same as everybody else."  

She said that during the General Election campaign "my life was actually threatened on social media, would you believe it.  

Ms Corcoran Kennedy said she did not believe the man who issued the threat had any intention of carrying out "but at  the same time, it was not very nice to think there was a man somewhere in the county who felt that the world would be a better place without me in it and he was prepared to do time if I was removed from the world.

"That's a horrible thing to take in as a public representative and as a citizen of this country who is free to move around."

She said it is wrong that type of behaviour from adults is tolerated "because we would not tolerate in the playground from children."